Husbnad – aaj ghar bahut Neat and Clean dikh raha h?
Tumhara WhatsApp aaj band hai kaya?
Wife – nahi jee, wo mera charger nahi mil raha tha
khojte khojte safai ho gayi…..


Shuddh Hindi me madhur rasili pati ke liye –
Naasta banana,
Bartan saaf karna
Ghar ki safai karna
Kapre dhona
Ese sabhi kaam agar koi estri jaldi jaldi
shantipurwak kare to use kaamwali kahte H
aur ye sabhi kaam koi estri bhayankar krodh
me aur barbarate hue kare to use Gharwali kahte H


ek hath me Lipstick
dusre me Mobile
Ek kaan cooker ki siti par
dusra whatapp ki notification par
ek aakh TV serial par
dusra husband ki activity par
koon kahta hai nari jiwan aasan h


After great demands from all husbands……….
All new app called “Darr” is launched for Smartphones…..
As you just speak….. ‘Wife’…..and it closes all open websites,
hides all chats, shuts down all games,
hide all special folders and best of all.
puts your wife’s photo as a wallpaper.
Also, your wife name run as screensaver
When Smartphone screen is idle.


wife: wait for me honey, i’m just finishing my makeup.

husband: you don’t need makeup dear.

wife: oh, its really? that is so sweet of you!

husband: just you need plastic surgery.


a 25 year couple going to attend a marriage…

wife: wait for me pinkesh, i’m just completed my makeup.

husband: you don’t need makeup honey.

wife: oh, its really? that is so sexy of you!

husband: just you really need plastic surgery.

have a good day ahead

a man lost his wife in tsunami
one drunk-night ..
while standing on the seashore, waves touching
on his feets .
he shouted to the sea: ‘no matter how many times your waves touch my feet
i’ll never take her back .. !!
its your mistake..
deal with it now…

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